The following Accelerators are offered as a part of our Alchemy Express Solution

All Date Conversion Objects are included

AlchemyDP; Alchemy Data package comes with our express solution; the data package has all the needed Data conversion templates, mapping, Business rules and the data cleansing guide that includes data management best practices like ISO codes

  • Data Prep:
    Our team assist with all the data prep activities like Data standardization and cleansing as per the industry standards like ISO14224, we maintain data catalogs for each object type that can be utilized in the data prep
  • Data Validation
    We provide a standard validation packages per conversion object that assists business users perform business validation seamlessly and in minimum duration, our validation packages include Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • Data Load
    we have our data load programs specifically designed for conversion objects, we utilize different conversion tools depending on the industry, data volume, etc.
Alchemy Test Drive Option
  • Remove the fear of S/4HANA with test drive
  • Minimal resource investment 
  • Rapid Key conversion objects loading to SAP to drive a more visual blueprint discussion
  • Minimize the change management impact by getting the project team familiar with S4 Screens & Processes from the project early stages
  • Identify early the key Fiori apps that will be utilized to eliminate any unnecessary development work
Other On-Demand Accelerators:

MES Integration (On-Demand) “Integration with Manufacture Execution Systems”