Extended Warehouse Management:

SAP EWM helps businesses manage high-volume warehouse operations and integrate complex supply chain logistics with your warehouse and distribution processes, delivering the ultimate in visibility and control. Optimize inventory tracking, cross-docking, distribution operations, multichannel fulfilment, and more – all in real time.

  • On-premise and cloud deployment   
  • Comprehensive warehouse solution
  • Fully integrated quality, production, and track-and-trace processes
  • Direct control of warehouse automation equipment



Enhance flexibility and scalability
Make processes more malleable and use automation to handle high-volume transactions seamlessly.
Boost transparency

Gain new visibility into stock, processes, labor utilization, and warehouse automation.
Strengthen compliance

Manage compliance with multinational regulations in international trade processing and sustainability efforts.

Alchemy advantage:
  • Our consultants have experienced in all the EWM core processes from Inbound processes, storage operations to Outbound Process
  • We offer an out of the box EWM Express solution that can help you get up and running in a short period of time
  • SAP Certified Partner
  • Alchemy offers SAP Certified and trained consultants
  • Our Team continuously working on leading innovations in the Digital Supply chain area that supports our client’s growth
  • we have the business and domain experience not only the Technology side
  • we offer a cost-effective solution by executing a hybrid approach between On-shore and Off-shore resources