What is SAP TM?

SAP TM (Transportation Management) is a Logistics and Transportation Management Software that reduces transportation complexity dramatically by integrating fleet and logistics management throughout your network.




Increase business productivity

Manage transportation requirements with more efficiency and less redundancy through automation and electronic collaboration – from order entry to settlement with a sophisticated TMS system.

Improve end-to-end visibility and service

Lower spend on expedites and overhead with electronic tracking and tracing, cross-system document flow, freight consolidation, and data-driven rate negotiation.


Improve cash flow for freight transportation

Reduce unplanned overcharges and eliminate invoice errors by settling costs accurately and automating accrual generation, auditing, and charge tracking. 

Standardize logistics processes and operations

Deliver a consistent logistics experience by centralizing rate and data management with a common platform that is simple to integrate, extend, deploy, and access.

Accelerate decision-making with real-time insight

Deliver flexible reporting to assess all freight costs, while evaluating transportation intelligence with graphical and interactive dashboards running on SAP HANA. 

Alchemy advantage:
  • Our consultants have experienced in all the Transportation Management core processes like Strategic freight management, Order management, …etc.
  • SAP Certified Partner
  • Alchemy offers SAP Certified and trained consultants
  • Our Team continuously working on leading innovations in the Digital Supply chain area that supports our client’s growth
  • we have the business and domain experience not only the Technology side
  • we offer a cost-effective solution by executing a hybrid approach between On-shore and Off-shore resources